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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Woop Woop!! Vegas Baby!!!

Mark and I actually got to Vegas after a hiatus of about 8 years and we did not take the kids, it was just the 2 of us!!!! Vegas was one of those places that I just refused to take the kids to. Not because it is considered Sin City but because I love gambling and drinking and I could do those things and enjoy it if the kids were there. So, we hired Amanda to watch the kids and the house and we spent 2 nights as adults!!!! We drank champagne (along with other things), gambled, ate and had some "adult" time!!! It was a great time!! We had never been without Raidon overnight so that was a little odd but we got over that really quick!!

What were we thinking?

We have never had family portraits professionally taken before because I thought the kids were too young. I wanted to wait until they were old enough to pose and be able to direct. Well, we didn't wait long enough.. Here is why...


Christmas was great this year!! Raidon really had a great time leaving cookies, spreading reindeer food, and opening gifts! When Reedley was his age, she was still a little oblivious about the whole Santa and present thing. I guess having an older sister helped with getting Raidon more involved.
We tried not to go too hog wild with gift but with them not having Grandparents, I sort of feel like we need to make up the difference. I know it isn't about that but, I really feel the loss of Grandparents during the holidays. When I think about other kids with all of their extended families, it just makes me sad.
Anyway, Christmas was great and here is to a wonderful and safe New Year full of joy and laughter!!

Here we go again.......

Ok so, I have done this before and if you know anything about me I will probably do it again. I am actually going to start blogging again!! I know, I know, whatever!! Just give me a chance. I think I may actually succeed in keeping it up now that I have a new netbook. I guess we will just have to wait and see........

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st day of Kindergarten!!

I can't believe my little girl is 5 years old and in kindergarten!!! I know everyone says it but, time really does fly! The awesome thing is that she will be going to school at Anna Hause, our neighborhood school and I get to transfer there in the next week or two!! Reedley was all set to attend Calvary Christian school but now she will be going to school with me. It is strange how things work out. I put in for a transfer, interviewed and found out that I got it on Tuesday morning. Well, I called the school to see if they happened to have before and after school care for 1/2 day kindergartners and they are the only school in the district that does! So, I immediately called enrollment and there was a kinder opening available as long as I got my paperwork in immediately!! As it happens, the school secretary had just given me Reedley's enrollment packet earlier in the week since she no longer needed it for Palm. (we had decided that Reedley wouldn't go to Palm with me because there was no before or after school kindergarten care) Anyway, I rushed over to enrollment the secretary was just leaving, she ran the paperwork back to the head of that department who just happened to still be there and then faxed her information over to the school!! So, Mark was already off work on the 1st to take Reedley to her first day at Calvary but now instead of Calvary, she is having her first day at Anna Hause!! And her classroom is right next door to mine!! I am in room 1 and she is in room 2!

Wow, sometimes things just work out...Oh yeah, and we got a FULL refund on the tuition that we already paid at Calvary!!! Her uniforms are returnable too!!! Yippee!!!

Anyway, Reedley had a great first day of school and she wants to take the teacher an apple tomorrow!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

On the Potty!

Let me apologize to all of you that are not parents!!! But the rest of you will totally appreciate this. Raidon went poopoo in the potty!!! He has been telling us for weeks when he needs to go potty and so every once in a while, we sit him on the toilet. We were hoping he would just get comfortable sitting on it but we did not expect any results. Well, Saturday morning there were results. Yay!!!! I actually wanted to cry..my last baby is growing up:( Now, peepee is another story all together but hey, any small step is good!! Reedley wanted nothing to do with toilet training until she was almost 3!! So far, we are ahead of the game. Keep it up Raidon!!

Learning to ride on 2 wheels!

Mark and Reedley are vigilantly attempting to ride a 2 wheeler. Mark bent the training wheels up so that she could feel the sensation of falling if she tilted but yet the training wheels would catch her. Well, it worked ok but I thought if she actually fell a few time, it would "motivate" her to balance. After Mark and I had a few discussions about it, he relented and took off the training wheels. My idea was a bust...she fell once and has since refused to get back on her bike. Hmmmm, what to do, what to do?

The kids coloring Easter eggs!